University Lutheran Church & Student Center is a ministry to the University and Bloomington community. We come pursuing various fields of study, from all walks of life, all states and many different nations to beomce connected to Christ, to each other, and to the whole Christian Church. YOU HAVE A PLACE HERE, whether you're a Bloomington resident, undergrad, graduate student, single or married. Sunday School classes are made available for children through adults as the make-up of the congregation changes. Please contact Pastor Woelmer or the church office if you have Sunday School-age children to enroll. 

Our campus ministry provides a way to extend the love of Christ in service to each other and throughout the community as you pursue your vocation at IU. You can “practice what you’re preparing for” through leadership, music, mission and social activities. Join the many who’ve said, “ULu was the best part of being at IU!”