Bible Studies

To be a Christian is to be fed with God's Word.  We provide several opportunities each week to be strengthened in His promise as we go about our daily vocations. As we study, we form a solid worldview based on the new life we live as forgiven, baptized children of God.  It's important that you be part of at least one of these opportunities.  

Sometimes we follow a book of the Bible for an entire semester.  At other times we study a theme like prayer, Christ in the Old Testament, etc.  By participating you will mature in faith this bible study, you will mature in faith and understand God's Law and Gospel.

These studies are part of our overall Wednesday evening LCMS U programming. They are designed to be simple enough for those who have questions, yet deep enough to nurture understanding about our Savior Jesus Christ and what He has done for us. They are usually stand-alone topical studies that change from week to week, providing quite an array of subjects that strengthen your faith. They are perfect for inviting friends who have questions, and for anyone who wants to form a Biblical perspective on life issues that affect students today.

Graduate students, post-college young adults, and married couples enjoy meeting over shared desserts and drinks, then get into studying a book of the Bible, a theme explored by a Christian theologian, or a theme within the Bible. 

Please check our online Calendar to confirm meeting dates and times.  Bible studies will not meet when IU classes are out of session.

If you are interested in additional Bible Studies, please contact Pastor Woelmer. We are always happy to add more to the schedule.